Long Term Consequences Of Messing Up Your Saturn Return

This video pissed people off, but hey! The Saturn return is SERIOUS. If have two minutes and you want fact about your Saturn return – here you go: Reality does not create reality! You’re the one running your life! … Read More…

Hot Topics: Synastry, Virgo, Harry & Meghan, Eclipse, Mars, Pluto, Silent, Sagittarius & Saturn Conjunct Pluto

Today in the forum – Venus – Pluto in Synastry Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Virgo Moon Thread New Moon Eclipse & Stellium In Capricorn: Christmas 2019 I’m tired of rubbing others the wrong way Pluto at 20 Capricorn for … Read More…

Nitpicking Entertainment – Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius

Virgo is famous for nitpicking. If there is a flaw or mistake anywhere in their orbit, their sharp minds can’t help but notice. This is textbook astrology. But I think this is a Mercury function in general, showing up especially in the signs of Mercury’s dignity or exaltation. That would be Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius. … Continue reading “Nitpicking Entertainment – Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius”

My Mars Return in Libra Squares Saturn In Capricorn – OUCH

Mars in Libra is currently closing a square with Saturn In Capricorn.  The clash will peak on October 27th, 2019, the day of the New Moon In Scorpio.  This is a horrible combination. I’d know. It’s personal to me! I have natal Mars in Libra. Just look at this prior whining: I wrote those posts with … Continue reading “My Mars Return in Libra Squares Saturn In Capricorn – OUCH”

NEW MOON REMINDER . . . . . October 27, 11:38 pm EDST

S NEW MOON POWER DAY REMINDER… Sunday, October 27, 11:38 pm – EDST is the New Moon Power Day and time in October! Don’t miss this opportunity to make wishes for goals you’d like to reach and experiences you’d like to have. Because this New Moon is in the sign of SCORPIO, it’s a powerful time for … Continue reading “NEW MOON REMINDER . . . . . October 27, 11:38 pm EDST”

Need Help With Your Saturn Return in Capricorn?

Are you facing your Saturn return in Capricorn?  I am working on the end of the year stuff… this huge stellium in Capricorn, Jupiter heading into Capricorn, etc. I realized I had no link to the workshop that Satori and I put together to help people with this transit. I’ve got significant Capricorn in my chart. … Continue reading “Need Help With Your Saturn Return in Capricorn?”

Preview of Pluto in Aquarius – Deepfakes

This blog has long had a reputation for being well ahead of trends in the collective. In this spirit, there is an emerging technology we should all be aware of – deepfakes. This is technology that allows people to create audio and video content through machine learning. What it amounts to in practice is the … Continue reading “Preview of Pluto in Aquarius – Deepfakes”

Weekly Forecast: October 21-25, 2019 – Venus Embellishes Scorpio Season

Monday morning, Scorpio Mercury conjoins Pallas Athena. These two signal a time of mental clarity regardless, but in Scorpio this conjunction is crafty. It confers the ability to sniff out hidden facts and turn them into gold. The two continue on together into next week when Venus overtakes them in the run-up to Halloween. As … Continue reading “Weekly Forecast: October 21-25, 2019 – Venus Embellishes Scorpio Season”

Mars Square Pluto In November: Plan Now With Mercury and Venus in Scorpio

Okay, so I dreamed this, dreamed that I was supposed to write this. You know, just in case you forgot I’m a crackhead-Pisces. I had written both these quotes down on post-its in my post-it garden, and I keep a copy of The Art of War on the chair to the left of my desk. … Continue reading “Mars Square Pluto In November: Plan Now With Mercury and Venus in Scorpio”

Sagittarius & Aging – Calming The Restless Soul

Hi Elsa, You wrote, or maybe created a video on the subject of recognizing “Restlessness” in a natal chart. It got me thinking about that in myself, and my husband. What are some of the placements that would point to being restless? And is it your experience to see restlessness wrestled to the mat over … Continue reading “Sagittarius & Aging – Calming The Restless Soul”