NEW MOON ASTROLOGY Book . . . . . New Moon Times explained


Question from reader of New Moon Astrology:
I realized that some of the dates and hour sprinted in Jan Spiller’s book “New Moon Astrology” are not matching what the internet post sometimes. Can you help me with this please?

Stephanie’s answer:
It does state in the book that all times are Eastern Standard Time. So any months on Daylight Saving Time (March – early November) will be an hour earlier in the book. But there are other odd discrepancies of a few minutes when comparing Maynard to the book. I am not sure how the book tables were created – possibly from an Ephemeris? At any rate, I remember this issue coming up one of the first years I worked for the site when I worked on the New Moon column in advance, before the Maynard Calendar came out. I had to go back and readjust the times to match the Maynard calendar. Jan wanted the calendar to be the standard. Maybe that calendar didn’t exist when the book was published, or of course they couldn’t get access to copies in the future 🙂 

The short answer for this question is to make sure and check if it’s a month with Daylight Saving Time, and realize that this book is only in Eastern Standard Time. Readers will need to adjust for Daylight Saving time and different time zones on their end. And, if they are using the book, they can pad the times by 5 minutes after what’s printed in the book to start their wishing to make sure it really is after the New Moon time. I do this anyway, just to make sure all the void of course energy has dissipated. None of the discrepancies I saw between the book and the Maynard calendar were more than 2-3 minutes (though I did only evaluate 2018). I suspect that is the case throughout, however.


Hope this helps!