Saturn and Pluto Transiting The Capricorn Ascendant 2019-2020


capricorn red sea goatI’m one of the people who will be deeply affected by the Saturn Pluto conjunction. I worked with a gal yesterday who had a chart very similar to mine.  Like me, she’s got Saturn and Pluto transiting her 12th house. Unsurprisingly, she’s up to her neck in death and secret burdens.

I was struck by her knowledge and the degree of her long(ish) range planning, which was as conscious as might be possible with Pluto transiting the 12th house. We’re like sisters in this way.  We know what we know and we’re working with it, the best we can.

With Saturn and Pluto direct, there’s no more hemming and hawing about this – it’s happening. Tick tock, things are moving and they’re moving in one direction only. I want to fill you in some, and tell you what you can expect on this site.

First, both my husband and I are both going to have (gnarly) surgery, back to back.  This will be very difficult for us through the rest of the year, into January and who knows, after that.  I’m not kidding about this. I am going to have to do both less and more in order to get through it.

I need to sustain this site so basically, I am going to focus my energies. Here’s my plan…

First, Satori and I are working on the Holiday Guide, except it is going to be greatly expanded in order to address these heavy transits. I have the same goal I have every year; to help people avoid stress over the holiday. But clearly this year is different so I asked, Satori to help me.  We’re both excited about what we’ve got going. We should have this done, pretty soon.

Beyond that, I am going to focus on writing my newsletter and on doing consultations. I’m going to leave the blog (in large part) to be maintained by the other writers. I’m sorry but there is just no other way in the near term.

Midara is doing really well with her Relationship Review.  I know people are really enjoy her writing. If you’re on the fence around hiring her, she’s standing by and super-motivated to help.

The forum is also doing well at this time. I’m hoping the regulars will help me out by keeping it interesting and flagging problems, like spammers and unintelligent trolls!

I think my “going down” will help others flourish. This is fine with me and preferable, really.  I think it will be really interesting to watch. And while I’ve always appreciated every bit of support, now more than ever, anything you can do, to help my family over the next few months; any kindness you can show us with never be forgotten.

Thank you.

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