Scorpio – Soul-Deep Love!


Scorpio love

Scorpio: Cool, let’s get going.

Ah Scorpio, the bad boy of the zodiac. There are countless articles singing the praises of their intensity, loyalty, and legendary sex appeal. And there are just as many warning of their jealousy, vengefulness, and mind games. That can’t all be true, can it? Well yeah, actually, but that’s barely scratching the surface.

Scorpio love goes deep. Deeper. Even deeper than that. Scorpio sees down to your very core and loves you anyway. Everyone is naked in front of Scorpio. They see your faults, your fears, your weaknesses, your cowardice, and every disgusting, shameful, creepy-crawly corner of your psyche. They truly know you. And they love you, not in spite of, but because of it.

Scorpio love is intense because they have no patience for anything surface level. Leave the networking to Gemini and the social niceties to Libra. Scorpio wants your soul.

And they give their soul in return. Scorpio’s energy, the sheer fixed power of it, supports and feeds their beloved. It supports and nurtures in ways both invisible and hidden. But if you ever doubt it’s there, just try going without it. The void that’s left could swallow worlds.

Scorpio is also the most intensely loyal sign to walk the earth. In these days of public shaming, when one comment or joke gone wrong can turn any of us into pariahs, Scorpio will stand by your side. First, Scorpios are no strangers to pariah-dom themselves. They never existed in the light, so they don’t feel the lack while they’re in the darkness with you. Also, Scorpio knows you deep down. They know your heart and intentions and they just can’t be fooled by anything that’s inauthentic. It reminds me of an old Smashing Pumpkins lyric, “No apologies ever need be made. I know you better than you fake it.”

If you want someone to go galas and be seen with, pick a Leo or a Capricorn. But if you want intense piece of work who sees you for what you really are and will walk with you through the very fires of hell, Scorpio’s got you covered.

How has Scorpio supported you?

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