**SYSTEM UPDATE** and how it may have affected you







We have recently updated our payment gateway. We are happy to announce that you can now sign up for new memberships and purchase Personal Astrology Reports.

Existing members whose monthly recurring payments were due, may have received a notice that their credit card was declined or had expired. If you have received such notice, your membership subscription may have gone into “In-active status”.

If you were inadvertently affected by this update and find that when you log in are prompted to “re-subscribe”, but are unsuccessful, we ask that you contact us here to let us know you are not able to subscribe to your membership and we will manually make the adjustment needed to allow you to subscribe successfully.

This should be fixed with in the next day or two but we want to make sure you have access as soon as you experience any trouble.

Most members were not affected and had complete access to their membership features without interruption.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and again, apologize for any interruption in membership this is causing.

Once the updates are complete, you will find it easier to sign up and experience all the features Jan Spiller.com offers. 

Jan Spiller Support Team