Weekly Forecast: April 15-19 – Full Libra Moon Quincunx Venus


boy heliosThis week we’re seeing interrelated movement with the personal planets as we move toward then through Friday morning’s big deal full moon. Subtleties are not always noted in the run-up and application of wholesale change. But they are what put us in the path of change, creating the conditions that flavor and shape that eventuality.

Mercury is prominent. Mindfulness has taken on a new tone and meaning lately, but it still contains small “m” meaning as well. This is an important week to be mindful of ourselves. Our senses feed back to our mind, conscious or not. We form attitudes based on experience – experiencing through our senses and our internal feedback systems.

Mercury moves to Aries early Tuesday and closes its exact conjunction to Chiron after the full moon on Friday. It moves from a foggy but intense position in Pisces, over the Aries point (a new beginning of mind/sense/meaning) into simple, straightforward, and action oriented communication. The Chiron flavor packs a punch. That won’t always feel good, but it’s a growing pain.

The Pisces influence doesn’t go away; we bring it along if we’re savvy. Floating in the background is some potent and costly wisdom. Think before you speak or risk marring that fresh page.

Gossip, misspeaking – saying too much or too little, these are possible. Take advantage of the fresh page and communicate with the finely honed accuracy you’ve gained by experience. Make use of what you have learned. Do you know better? Speak with doing better in mind. And do this while being true to your authentic sense of self.

This doesn’t have to hurt. For many this heralds healthy and dynamic epiphanies.

Venus relates to our desires, to romance and love, to resources and values. Venus is soft but powerful in Pisces. Venus begins the week in square to Jupiter, overblown desire – a longing for more, or frustration for such. It ends the week in square to Juno – at odds with choices already made, or trouble with interference in relationship. Possessiveness may rear its head, and we may want more than we can manage.

Juno just passed its opposition to Jupiter, but Venus brings a reminder of those committed relationship challenges or vow renewals. With Venus and Mars both in mutable signs, be certain of what you want before you act. The two taken together can obscure the mark you’re shooting for. Are you certain? Aries Mercury will tell you that you are. Be sure you’re not biting off more than you really want to deal with.

Accusations of misdoing can fall under this heading. Give the benefit of the doubt you would wish to be given. Remember, if you knew someone as they know themselves, you would understand and empathize with all their decisions. Sometimes there’s no great choice. Sometimes your commitments are not pleasurable. That doesn’t necessarily make them the wrong commitments in the long run. You have to judge that for yourself. Listen to YOURSELF, your authentic self who has learned through experience.

Gemini Mars is moving toward square with Neptune. It’s not the best time to take a shot. You’ll know if you’re certain. You know your own guidance system.

That brings us to the full moon early Friday morning. The Moon at the end of Libra opposes the Sun at the end of Aries. This is a strong, STRONG relationship polarity: self and other, Sun and Moon. It’s a culmination. That doesn’t necessarily mean ending, but it’s the end of a cycle. The full moon ruler, the ruler of Libra, is Venus. Venus quincunxes the full moon and semi-sextiles the Sun.

The full moon trines Juno as Venus squares it. Saturn and Pluto widely create a t-square with the full moon opposition. Be mindful of the alliances you sever – and just as mindful of the ones you keep.

We’ve got to find a way to maintain our life-affirming partnerships of all varieties without sacrificing our dreams for better, for what makes life sweet. No healthy individual wants to get their needs met at the expense of others’ wellbeing. It’s possible to end that cycle when you look inside for authentic answers. Speak simply with compassion for others’ damage. It’s the best we can do. Listen actively.

The full moon in Libra takes place at 29 degrees. Where does that hit your chart?