Elements In Astrology

12 zodiac signs are divided into four groups of elements: Fire, Earth, Gas and Water. These are very important and indispensable elements in life. Therefore, when looking at someone’s birth chart, one of the first things to do is to see how these elements are divided within the birth chart, strong or missing. If one of the elements is missing in the birth chart, this may be a problem they have to deal with throughout life. For example, there are no planets or AC/MC is located in Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius (belonging to the Air), this person lacks “Air”, these people will find it difficult to communicate, often feeling misunderstood.

These calculation for the strengths & weaknesses of the elements are based on parameters and calculations on https://astrolibrary.org/interpretations/balance/. To see how your elements and quality accompany with an explanation,

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Update Astrology Readings (Birth Chart + Explanatory Note / Readings)

– Add Asteroids: Juno, Ceres, Pallas, Vesta (in Planets & Houses section)
– Additional explanation for Part of Fortune
– Add Cusps & Rulers for each houses
– Supplementing phases of the Moon: New moon, crescent moon, full moon, half moon, first quarter moon, gibbous moon, disseminating moon, last quarter moon, balsamic moon (in the Main Planet – Moon)
– Modify the report for ones not knowing your time of birth

Looking ahead: review the calculation of North Node. North Node is calculated based on Mean Node or True Node, usually two positions do not deviate from each other, if these two positions fall into two different zodiac signs, or different houses can display both for reference. Currently North Node’s position on the site is calculated based on True Node.

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Update 18 Dec 2018

Thank you very much for supporting the website astrologyreadings.online. We have added and modified these functions

– Update the map for the entry
– Add the aspects of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn (in the Aspecs section)
– Add the retrograde for the planets such as Saturn retrograde, Pluto retrograde (in the Others section)
– Add the major planetary configuration: such as Grand Trine, T Square, Stellium, Yod, Mystic Rectangle, Grand Square, Kite, other models will be calculated and added later. (in the Aspecs section)
– Modify the orb for the aspect 90′, 180′, 120′ (in the Aspecs section)
– SSL settings for website (for the security purposes)

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Look for the dominant factors

When creating the birth chart, we rarely mentioned about dominant factors. However, this is a very important part to learn about your nature and characters. How do you know which part of your personality stands out? For example, the sun could be the dominant factor if it is located at the Leo sign (ruled by the Sun) or the sun conjuncts with the moon.

The following series of calculations are based on the calculations on https://skywriter.wordpress.com/planetary-tests/ to find out your dominant factor. To see if you have any outstanding elements and explanations,

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