Update 18 Dec 2018

Thank you very much for supporting the website astrologyreadings.online. We have added and modified these functions

– Update the map for the entry
– Add the aspects of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn (in the Aspecs section)
– Add the retrograde for the planets such as Saturn retrograde, Pluto retrograde (in the Others section)
– Add the major planetary configuration: such as Grand Trine, T Square, Stellium, Yod, Mystic Rectangle, Grand Square, Kite, other models will be calculated and added later. (in the Aspecs section)
– Modify the orb for the aspect 90′, 180′, 120′ (in the Aspecs section)
– SSL settings for website (for the security purposes)

Website is built completely based on personal purposes (passion for astrology, web dev, SEO), so any questions or suggestions for trading or other commercial purposes I would like to refuse to answer.

To see more of the above,

– Go to https://astrologyreadings.online
– Enter your Date Time and Place of Birth (Need accurate information to get the best results)
– In the explanation section, see Aspects & Others sections