Full Moon in Taurus: November 12, 2019 – Virgo & Pisces Win!


Taurus stickerThe full moon in Taurus takes place in the morning on November 12th at 19 degrees.  She catches profound support from the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

If you have planets in the mid to late degrees of Virgo, you’ll fill to create a grand trine in Earth. You’re sure to be stabilized and empowered, period.  That’s right. No qualifier.

Pisces will also fare well, supported by the Sun in Scorpio, the moon in Taurus and the conjunction in Capricorn. Pisces co-rulers Jupiter and Neptune in their home signs. This goes a long way!

This also proves you shouldn’t pay attention to, the-sky-is-falling-on-you, astrology? How many times have you seen the sky fall, anyway? Never?

The rest of the signs can also expect a good time under this full moon.  Outside of the sun moon opposition, there is only one harsh aspect in the sky, and it’s separating.   On top of that, Taurus ruler, Venus is in Sagittarius chasing a conjunction with Jupiter in the sign.

It’s all good news. Love and money expand.  Mars in Libra sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius, inspiring people to be (socially) generous and forgiving of their partner. If you’ve got some stubborn feud going, end it now. We all need all the friends we can get!

Do you stand to benefit from the full moon in Taurus?

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