Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon In Scorpio: Shenanigans


wickedAll weekend, Libra Mars squares Capricorn Saturn. Mars is not at its casual best in Libra, but Saturn is masterful in Cap. Mars in Libra shines in allying itself with others and in creating and maintaining social currency. Saturn blocks.

Leo Mars is an actor. Libra Mars can be a performer who doesn’t want you to know it’s a fake. It can also be a genuinely kind person. Saturn comes in to pull the curtain back. The wheels fall off any con bus this weekend. Veneer is vulnerable. It can also be that those who are genuine are mistaken for phonies. So keep that odd little wrinkle in mind when you pull off someone’s mask Scooby Doo style. It might be their real face.

So you can spot the phonies, but there are plenty of innocent rubes in the mix making it tougher to spot the real fake thing. We can gain mastery in spotting the difference by experience over time. That’s the best takeaway here. We’re training up.

Ultimately, the lesson is one in discerning motives by virtue of one’s actions. It’s a tough lesson as it means matching actions to the stated values of the actor. Can you spot integrity? And it’s rough when you bump up against bad actors – in the values sense. It’s difficult to discriminate co-dependence or kindness from manipulation. Leveling up here is valuable.

So there’s plenty of challenge this weekend in the run-up to the Moon’s conjunction to the Scorpio Sun. We’re gaining experience we can fold into a whole new way of doing life. It’s a chance to completely transform your personal model of competence. This is particularly so as Sunday night’s new moon comes on the heels of the Sun’s exact opposition to Uranus.

So it’s one, two, three: We find ourselves repeatedly blocked, our actions restricted; persevere to create a workaround; and in doing so, we are pushed to flip the script, embracing wholesale transformation in the self via improved values.

Are you frustrated and bored? Well we’re going to leave that in the dust soon.

Friday night, the Libra Moon opposes Chiron. There’s a push-pull around the social dynamic and how you feel about how you’re putting yourself out there. How real are YOU being? How does it feel? There an be hurt feelings on both sides of any interaction, but it’s how we deal with them that creates the outcome. Do we value kindness, cooperation? Do we learn and improve?

Saturday the Moon moves through conjunction with Mars and square to Saturn, into a square with Pluto. It’s possible to embrace your values, find a workaround, and take no prisoners in an emotional coup that starts and ends with a smile on your face. Act with integrity and kindness and the power is yours. That intensity isn’t comfortable, but it can be necessary. You can feel when it’s the right thing. It’s also a great aphrodisiac.

Overnight, the Libra Moon sextiles Jupiter. That delicious mood inflates the pleasure just so.

Sunday morning is Mars’ exact square to Saturn. By afternoon the Moon moves to Scorpio. The Sun closes its opposition to Uranus, the the Moon makes its new moon conjunction. At the new moon we have Venus, Pallas, and Mercury in close succession at the end of Scorpio. It’s a bit of deep magic that helps us parse these powerful changes and transmute them into valuable fuel for growth. Neptune has an iron in the Mars-Saturn fire – more magic, tempering cruelty or carelessness with some divine bumpers.

Overall, the weekend is an instrument for powerful change, and the new moon brings a volcanic depth of metamorphosis. The impetus may come from outside, but the revolution takes place in the individual.

The new moon takes place at 4 degrees Scorpio. Where does it hit your chart? What are your weekend plans?

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