The ASTROLOGICAL EDGE . . . . . November 2019

November’s astrological energies will provide us the opportunity to wrap up some of 2019’s business and clear our slates for a powerful beginning to 2020. Mercury will be retrograde most of the month, stationing direct on the 20th; however, we’ll be in the “shadow phase” of this phenomenon until December 7, so it will be best to postpone major decisions and to wait to initiate new directions in our lives after this date. The outer planets will be positioning themselves to activate a rebirth of sorts as the year closes out.

On a global scale, we can expect big changes to longstanding systems, particularly related to government and business. The imminent conjunction between Saturn and Pluto, building to exact in mid-January 2020, can be seen as a practical follow up to the years 2011-17, when Uranus and Pluto were in a tense square. During those years, pressure began to build as societies strained against the burden of oppressive structures. Since that time, it has been more difficult to turn a blind eye to injustice, as the planet Pluto forces us to address unpleasant truths. Uranus, also known as the “great awakener,” offered a rebellious energy that motivated people to reject the status quo and develop innovative solutions. Now, Saturn and Pluto join forces in practical Capricorn to build a better foundation for sustainable living. But, like any birth, the new beginnings brought forth by this conjunction will likely be long and arduous.

Jupiter will conclude its journey through Sagittarius this month, preparing to ingress into Capricorn on the 2nd. With this planet of luck and opportunity moving forward in the sign it rules, we will be offered the optimism needed to persevere through the challenges presented to us. Once Jupiter exits Sagittarius, it won’t visit this sign again for another 12 years, so make the most of these positive energies that are particularly well suited to acquiring knowledge and bridging cultural gaps.

Pluto and Saturn are still four to five degrees away from exact conjunction this month, but with both of these planets in direct motion, we will be feeling their full expression manifesting change in the . . . . .

The favorable sextile between Saturn and Neptune will continue this month and be exact between the 8th and 12th. This will be a beneficial energy for . . . . .

The exact time of the November 26 New Moon is 10:06 A.M. Eastern Standard Time. The first 8 hours after the New Moon is exact are the most powerful for wishing, but up to 24 hours later will still work. For the exact best times for writing your wishes during any month’s New Moon, check out within the three days prior to each New Moon.

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Full Moon in Taurus: November 12, 2019 – Virgo & Pisces Win!

Taurus stickerThe full moon in Taurus takes place in the morning on November 12th at 19 degrees.  She catches profound support from the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

If you have planets in the mid to late degrees of Virgo, you’ll fill to create a grand trine in Earth. You’re sure to be stabilized and empowered, period.  That’s right. No qualifier.

Pisces will also fare well, supported by the Sun in Scorpio, the moon in Taurus and the conjunction in Capricorn. Pisces co-rulers Jupiter and Neptune in their home signs. This goes a long way!

This also proves you shouldn’t pay attention to, the-sky-is-falling-on-you, astrology? How many times have you seen the sky fall, anyway? Never?

The rest of the signs can also expect a good time under this full moon.  Outside of the sun moon opposition, there is only one harsh aspect in the sky, and it’s separating.   On top of that, Taurus ruler, Venus is in Sagittarius chasing a conjunction with Jupiter in the sign.

It’s all good news. Love and money expand.  Mars in Libra sextiles Jupiter in Sagittarius, inspiring people to be (socially) generous and forgiving of their partner. If you’ve got some stubborn feud going, end it now. We all need all the friends we can get!

Do you stand to benefit from the full moon in Taurus?

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What Do You Fear?

lion roaringEveryone has fear. Everyone has that one slinking, insidious thing that stalks the darkest corners of their mind. The beauty of Halloween, and of horror in general, it that is allows us to engage with symbolic representations of that fear, to explore and experiment in a low-stakes environment as we attempt to grapple with what goes bump in the night.

In the natal chart, Saturn rules fear. Taking a look at Saturn will give us a sense of what our deepest fears are, and in turn, what kind of horror gives us the spine-tingling chills. For example, I have Saturn in Sagittarius in the 8th house.  I am most terrified by creeping, slow-burn psychological horror that leaves the world looking just a little less controllable long after the last page or scene. I’m also horrified by stories that involve being surrounded by people who are all insane, sharing the same delusion. Hand me a Shirley Jackson novel and I’m toast. This ties in to my real-life fear, which is of the darkness that exists and can be activated in each and every one of us. In my personal horror story, every human is just a few bad circumstances away from madness.

Or take my partner, who has Saturn conjunct the Moon in Cancer. The horror that gets to him the most are traditional haunted house stories. The feeling that your very home, the place where you are supposed to be the safest, turns against you. And there is nothing you can do to defend yourself or your family. This can be tied to his real-life childhood in which familial chaos almost beyond imagination was an everyday occurrence, as well as his deep desire to be a protective figure for his family as an adult.

When we consume our scary tales, what we are really doing is confronting our own psyche. We are examining the fear, holding it up to the light, and trying to come to terms with its power. We find the little cracks, the small absurdities that exist within it, and we come away a little stronger and a little more in control. So this Halloween, as you are enjoying the shivers down your spine, take a moment to look into your fear, and let your fear stare back into you. Isn’t it delicious?

What kind of horror gets to you? Can you tie it to your real-life fear? Where is your Saturn?

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November 2019 Horoscopes – Tightrope

tightropeThis month is a about careful balance. On one hand, we’re got the continued progression of Saturn on its path toward its January conjunction with Pluto. The climate grows harsh, even cruel, as Mars in Libra completes a square to Pluto before getting deep and dark when it joins the Sun and Mercury in its home sign of Scorpio.

But on the other hand, we’ve got the sunny joy of Sagittarius coming in, with Venus leading the way. We are reminded that, even in the depth of despair, there is so much to smile for. The Full Moon in Taurus on the 12th will help to amplify this effect and remind us to take time to care for and nurture ourselves and others.

And isn’t that, ultimately, what life is about? Finding joy in our sorrow, hope in our pain? Knowing deep down that for all its trials and tribulations, this is still, at its core, a beautiful life? Work to find that balance now while the support is there, and this skill will serve you in the months and years to come.

To find out more about your personal balancing act, head over to the horoscope page.

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About Midara

Midara has been a consulting astrologer for over a decade. Whether you’re struggling with relationships, personal growth, tough transits, or whatever else, she’s here to help.

Falco – Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon: Must I Die To Live?

falco tripletsI first wrote about Falco, back in 2008. My husband introduced me to him. He was living in Germany when Falco burst onto the scene. He was fortunate to see him perform live, many times.  He’s really striking.

Today we watched a documentary about his life, Too Young To Die – Falco.  It was interesting, especially from an astrological perspective.

Falco was a Pisces with a Scorpio moon conjunct Neptune. He was the only survivor of a triplets birth.  This is unusual and from what I’ve gathered, every day of his life was like that.  Note the graphic; moon Neptune in Scorpio, he carries the family legacy, which leaks through.

Falco was recognized as a child prodigy and schooled in classical music. This video was my first introduction to his work – Der Kommissar. It looked “Aquarian” to me, mocking communism.  Sure enough, he has Venus, Mercury, Chiron and the Black Moon Lilith conjunct in the sign.

The sunglasses are so Scorpio and he’s so far ahead (and behind) the times.

You can check the lyrics in English here.

But this is what I’m referring to:

“…Hear the children
Don’t turn around, oh oh
Der Kommissar’s in town, oh oh
He’s got the power
And you’re so weak
And you’re frustration will not let you speak…”

We don’t like being monitored!

I highly recommend the documentary. It’s chock full of interesting tidbits. For example, Falco, used to get drunk as snot before concerts, then have a doctor transfuse his blood.  He nearly died in this process, many times.

You can also ascertain this was not an uncommon thing to do.  One of his friends tell of a time they were in Japan in the middle of this procedure, when they realized they did not have the needed coagulant. No one spoke Japanese which would have hindered their ability to get help, but someone in the hotel recognized what was happening and took the steps necessary to save him. A lyric in one of his songs translates to, “Must I die to live”.

Hopefully that will inspire you to check this this most interesting character. But outside of the documentary, my husband told me of another Falco song that haunts him.

I might mention at this point, my husband also has a moon Neptune conjunction in Scorpio. In whatever case, “Jeanny” is a song about an older man who murder a young girl/woman.  The song is written from the killer’s perspective and the video is… well, you can watch it.

Jeez but he breaks the rules.

If you don’t like dark themes or if you’d rather just be entertained, there’s always this – Rock Me Amadeus. One of Falco’s friends did two of my husband’s tattoos. It’s one of the bikers in this video.

There is one more point to make in this… it might be better presented in it’s own post but it’s, Falco, who said it: “Americans have no irony.” Context here is that he found Americans hard to talk too, due to this lack.

I’m an American, but I believe I understand his meaning. Do you?

Click to see Falco’s chart…

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I did something today in a ‘fit’ of frustration and vindictiveness (probably hitting the wrong target) that I’m still trying to reconcile to myself. It was a base act – which is what jackals do.

I’m critical of myself. Another person might excuse it as a Bitchy women coming at you claws out .

– Surprised myself. Learned anyone is probably capable of any act under duress.

Weekly Forecast: October 28 – November 1, 2019 – Mercury Retrograde Halloween

princessesMonday’s Scorpio Moon carries that new moon energy into the start of the week. The flow contains ripples of the Mars-Saturn square, blockage in action. However, as those ripples spread, the Moon’s aspects are mild. The mood contains magic via Neptune and offers stability with a sextile to Saturn.

It offers a chance to drift and kick, drift and kick, all the time with an eye on a deeper path to satisfaction. As the Moon sextiles Pluto, Mars begins to move past its square to Saturn and express the approaching square to Pluto. The emotional atmosphere opens us up to the possibility of a beneficial experience when active transformation erupts.

Tuesday, the Moon continues on through Scorpio, over the Pallas-Venus conjunction and over Mercury. The eddies of the mood circle our senses with deep contemplation in desire and how we’ve fared so far. It’s important to note any patterns brought to the surface.

Later, the Moon hits Sagittarius, forming a trine to Chiron and a quincunx to Uranus. Time to do a Keanu surfer shake and shiver, shimmying off any bad mood you’re left with. It’s a new moon replay!

Wednesday, Venus overtakes Mercury in Scorpio as the Sadge Moon goes on to square Neptune and sextile Mars. We can ask for what we want, even if that ultimately doesn’t work out. It doesn’t matter. Asking for what we want is still the first step to getting it or making it happen. Even if you just get clear and ask silently, it’s important to do.

People pleasers can become embarrassed when they’ve made themselves vulnerable in making a request. I assure you, you deserve to ask for what you want. Always. The ask is your part, and you have no control over the answer. But you’re brave to do it! The Sadge Moon sextile Mars brings courage!

Thursday morning, the Sadge Moon conjoins Saggitarius-ruler Jupiter as Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio at 27 degrees. Just because someone said no, doesn’t mean they won’t change their mind… or have a better idea; or perhaps YOU have a better idea and some emotional juice because of what it spurred in YOU. In any case, it’s time to rethink things with an eye on getting FREE. Sometimes asking for help is what launches us into helping ourselves, or digging deeper into the answers. Soon we’ll have another viewpoint to observe from.

Later Thursday night, the Moon moves to Capricorn. It’s Halloween. Earlier frolickers have the jolly Moon in Sadge. Sugared up kids will not want to settle down (general Sadge as well as a Moon square to Juno). In the darker bits of the night, the Saturn influence also pulls up a Pluto vibe. There are always consequences, so don’t overshoot your mark. Know when to call it quits and settle your urges.

Halloween is rife with pranks, particularly with Mars heading into square with Pluto, so talking about consequences is not just a cutesy thing. A fun prank can go wrong easily, so be sure what you’re about.

Friday, the Cap Moon sextiles the Scorpio Sun, and Venus moves to Sagittarius. It’s easier to dismiss the results of some of those pranks when the sun comes up, provided there are no lasting ill effects. It’s all in good fun… now.

The Moon heads into orb of aspect with Saturn, Neptune, and Mars by nighttime. Still yourself and ground your mood and it’s possible to transmute those entrenched blocks to satisfaction. Venus in Sadge goes a long way in charging toward hope. We want more!

What are your Halloween plans? Will you dress up? If you could dress up as anything, what would that be?

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Saturn and Pluto Transiting The Capricorn Ascendant 2019-2020

capricorn red sea goatI’m one of the people who will be deeply affected by the Saturn Pluto conjunction. I worked with a gal yesterday who had a chart very similar to mine.  Like me, she’s got Saturn and Pluto transiting her 12th house. Unsurprisingly, she’s up to her neck in death and secret burdens.

I was struck by her knowledge and the degree of her long(ish) range planning, which was as conscious as might be possible with Pluto transiting the 12th house. We’re like sisters in this way.  We know what we know and we’re working with it, the best we can.

With Saturn and Pluto direct, there’s no more hemming and hawing about this – it’s happening. Tick tock, things are moving and they’re moving in one direction only. I want to fill you in some, and tell you what you can expect on this site.

First, both my husband and I are both going to have (gnarly) surgery, back to back.  This will be very difficult for us through the rest of the year, into January and who knows, after that.  I’m not kidding about this. I am going to have to do both less and more in order to get through it.

I need to sustain this site so basically, I am going to focus my energies. Here’s my plan…

First, Satori and I are working on the Holiday Guide, except it is going to be greatly expanded in order to address these heavy transits. I have the same goal I have every year; to help people avoid stress over the holiday. But clearly this year is different so I asked, Satori to help me.  We’re both excited about what we’ve got going. We should have this done, pretty soon.

Beyond that, I am going to focus on writing my newsletter and on doing consultations. I’m going to leave the blog (in large part) to be maintained by the other writers. I’m sorry but there is just no other way in the near term.

Midara is doing really well with her Relationship Review.  I know people are really enjoy her writing. If you’re on the fence around hiring her, she’s standing by and super-motivated to help.

The forum is also doing well at this time. I’m hoping the regulars will help me out by keeping it interesting and flagging problems, like spammers and unintelligent trolls!

I think my “going down” will help others flourish. This is fine with me and preferable, really.  I think it will be really interesting to watch. And while I’ve always appreciated every bit of support, now more than ever, anything you can do, to help my family over the next few months; any kindness you can show us with never be forgotten.

Thank you.

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Weekend Love Forecast – New Moon In Scorpio: Shenanigans

wickedAll weekend, Libra Mars squares Capricorn Saturn. Mars is not at its casual best in Libra, but Saturn is masterful in Cap. Mars in Libra shines in allying itself with others and in creating and maintaining social currency. Saturn blocks.

Leo Mars is an actor. Libra Mars can be a performer who doesn’t want you to know it’s a fake. It can also be a genuinely kind person. Saturn comes in to pull the curtain back. The wheels fall off any con bus this weekend. Veneer is vulnerable. It can also be that those who are genuine are mistaken for phonies. So keep that odd little wrinkle in mind when you pull off someone’s mask Scooby Doo style. It might be their real face.

So you can spot the phonies, but there are plenty of innocent rubes in the mix making it tougher to spot the real fake thing. We can gain mastery in spotting the difference by experience over time. That’s the best takeaway here. We’re training up.

Ultimately, the lesson is one in discerning motives by virtue of one’s actions. It’s a tough lesson as it means matching actions to the stated values of the actor. Can you spot integrity? And it’s rough when you bump up against bad actors – in the values sense. It’s difficult to discriminate co-dependence or kindness from manipulation. Leveling up here is valuable.

So there’s plenty of challenge this weekend in the run-up to the Moon’s conjunction to the Scorpio Sun. We’re gaining experience we can fold into a whole new way of doing life. It’s a chance to completely transform your personal model of competence. This is particularly so as Sunday night’s new moon comes on the heels of the Sun’s exact opposition to Uranus.

So it’s one, two, three: We find ourselves repeatedly blocked, our actions restricted; persevere to create a workaround; and in doing so, we are pushed to flip the script, embracing wholesale transformation in the self via improved values.

Are you frustrated and bored? Well we’re going to leave that in the dust soon.

Friday night, the Libra Moon opposes Chiron. There’s a push-pull around the social dynamic and how you feel about how you’re putting yourself out there. How real are YOU being? How does it feel? There an be hurt feelings on both sides of any interaction, but it’s how we deal with them that creates the outcome. Do we value kindness, cooperation? Do we learn and improve?

Saturday the Moon moves through conjunction with Mars and square to Saturn, into a square with Pluto. It’s possible to embrace your values, find a workaround, and take no prisoners in an emotional coup that starts and ends with a smile on your face. Act with integrity and kindness and the power is yours. That intensity isn’t comfortable, but it can be necessary. You can feel when it’s the right thing. It’s also a great aphrodisiac.

Overnight, the Libra Moon sextiles Jupiter. That delicious mood inflates the pleasure just so.

Sunday morning is Mars’ exact square to Saturn. By afternoon the Moon moves to Scorpio. The Sun closes its opposition to Uranus, the the Moon makes its new moon conjunction. At the new moon we have Venus, Pallas, and Mercury in close succession at the end of Scorpio. It’s a bit of deep magic that helps us parse these powerful changes and transmute them into valuable fuel for growth. Neptune has an iron in the Mars-Saturn fire – more magic, tempering cruelty or carelessness with some divine bumpers.

Overall, the weekend is an instrument for powerful change, and the new moon brings a volcanic depth of metamorphosis. The impetus may come from outside, but the revolution takes place in the individual.

The new moon takes place at 4 degrees Scorpio. Where does it hit your chart? What are your weekend plans?

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